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The Career Engine is designed to aid Filipino students become “job-ready” by providing them soft skills training and work enhancement tips. ↴

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In expanding our reach, The Career Engine partners with corporates, government agencies, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations to bring an innovative platform that’s tailored for preparing students to become “job-ready”.

How do you groom yourself for the corporate world? Becoming job ready isn’t as easy as 1, 2, 3—but it all starts with the right communication and etiquette.

Learn the art of effective oral communication through a 5-step approach and equip yourself with the right behavior to work in a professional environment. The road to job readiness doesn’t only require the right skill set, but the right attitude as well.

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Before you embark on starting a career, a meticulous search process is needed to first land a job - and that’s where The Career Engine comes in. Our two modules are aimed to direct students to the right channel of where and what to find in a company that’s fit for their capabilities, skills and personality.

Expand your networks, build connections and arm yourself with the right techniques and mindset as you start the application process and get to know your responsibilities as a young professional.

Impressing prospective employers can be daunting, but don’t fret. The Career Engine with its digital training platform aims to guide Filipino students on their job hunting throughout the whole application process—from creating résumés to job interviews and accepting a job offer.

The challenge doesn’t end even after getting offered a job. Familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of negotiating your salary and educate yourself on when and how to reject a job offer.

Now that you’ve started your career, the next step would be honing your skills and excelling at your chosen field. Set smart goals to maximize your skills and learn to unleash your inner potential.

Can you perform with grace under pressure? Improve your whole persona and become the best professional version of you by understanding work etiquettes such as answering phone calls and emails to dressing up for the workplace.

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We’re here to help all Filipino students become ‘job-ready’.
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